International Scientific Conference
on Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science

Blagoje Z. Đorđević, PhD

Staff Scientist

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
Livermore, California, United States


Blagoje Djordjevic received a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. He finished a joint master’s program at Lulea Technical University and University of Toulouse in Space Science and Technology, finishing a thesis on modeling artificial heating of the ionosphere. He received a Ph.D in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley, where his dissertation was on the theory of higher-order laser mode propagation in underdense plasmas. He did a postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he converted to staff scientist, focusing on applying machine learning to modeling laser-driven ion acceleration and inertial confinement fusion.

Paper title

Application of Machine Learning to High-Repetition-Rate Lasers on the Path to Inertial Fusion Energy