International Scientific Conference
on Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science

Marko Tanasković

Dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences,
Singidunum University


Marko Tanasković did his PhD and master studies at ETH Zurich in the field of automatic control. He worked as a development engineer in Switzerland for several years. Since 2016 he is with Singidunum University, where he is currently assistant professor. His research interests include adaptive and time varying control, artificial intelligence and its applications in robotics and advanced motor control algorithms. He is active in technology transfer from academia to industrail practice and was part and lead several projects aimed at commercialization of academic research.

Keynote speech title

Application of artificial intelligence in modern production robotics


Modern video content production is pressured by constant demand to produce high quality video content at reduced budgets. The answer to this is the use of production robotics. It can be used to replace people on production sets, where a single operator takes the role of several cameraman. Additionally, artificial intelligence can be used to perform advanced control maneuvers that were before only done by humans. In this talk we will give the background on the requirements for production robotics so that it can be used with artificial intelligence. Additionally we will show practical success stories of using artificial intelligence and robotics in video production.