International Scientific Conference
on Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science

Tech Talks: Exploring Cutting-Edge Solutions from Leading IT Innovators

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Presentation I: From Ground to Cloud

Speakers: Stevan Petrović, Project Manager and Božidar Belić, Director of Service and Development


  1. Discover a proven migration journey to Azure
  2. Migration plans and stakeholder involvement
  3. Cloud Competence Center (CCC) as central contact point for all cloud-related topics.
  4. Communication strategy
  5. Improve the way we manage and control our IT assets
  6. Budgeting and cost governance
  7. Essential migration & post-migration practices for seamless cloud transitions

Presentation II: Microsoft Copilot Demo: GitHub Copilot & Azure Copilot

Speakers: Kristina Jovanović, Inside Sales Manager and Milica Palić, Operations and Marketing Lead


  1. Discover Microsoft Copilot opportunities
  2. GitHub Copilot demo
  3. Azure Copilot demo

Presentation III: Container Security

Speaker: Uroš Babić, Microsoft MVP, Security Architect


  1. Containers & virtual machines
  2. Azure Container Instances (ACI)
  3. ACI Security
  4. Azure Container Registry (ACR)
  5. ACR Authentication
  6. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  7. AKS Terminology
  8. AKS Architecture
  9. AKS Networking
  10. AKS Storage
  11. AKS and Active Directory

Presentation IV: Budgeting, Management and Control of Cloud Costs

Speaker: Vladimir Marković, Software and Cloud Analytics Manager


  1. What is cost optimization in the cloud? Manage and control your Cloud investments
  2. Challenges in the cloud. Cloud governance
  3. Optimize cloud expenses by establishing a proper FinOps strategy and Cost Governance
  4. Structured analytical approach model and auto-scaling mechanisms for Cost Economics
  5. Control costs through reporting and optimization recommendations