International Scientific Conference
on Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science

About the Conference

About the Conference

Welcome to Sinteza 2023, the 10th jubilee conference on Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science, hosted by Singidunum University in Belgrade, Serbia. This international scientific conference will be held on May 27th, 2023. We are excited to bring together experts and professionals from around the world to share their knowledge and insights on the latest developments in these fields.

As a celebration of our 10th conference, we are pleased to announce that there will be no conference registration fees for attendees. We encourage researchers, academics, and industry professionals to submit their papers for consideration by the deadline, which is May 6th, 2023. We look forward to receiving a wide range of submissions covering various topics related to Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science.

We are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees and encourage participation from individuals of all backgrounds. We hope that Sinteza 2023 will be a valuable opportunity for networking and learning, and we look forward to seeing you at the conference in May 2023.

At Sinteza 2023, we welcome academics, researchers, and industry professionals to share their knowledge and insights on the latest developments in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science. We also recognize the importance of supporting the next generation of professionals in these fields, and we are pleased to offer a specially reserved student session at the conference.

Proceedings of all previous conferences are openly available at the following link.

Opening Keynote speakers

Milan Zdravković, PhD

Applied AI Researcher, Associate Professor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Niš, Serbia

Blagoje Z. Đorđević, PhD

Staff Scientist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California, United States

Martin Kampel

Associate Professor, Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, TUW, Austria

Branislav Popović, PhD

Senior Researcher, Software Developer / Data Scientist / Artificial Intelligence / PhD ECE University of Novi Sad

Özge Ercan

Associate Professor Faculty of Sport Sciences – Sinop University-Türkiye

Conference topics

The conference accepts papers in one of the four major category topic groups and one student session.

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

This category could include Theoretical Computer Science and Programming Language Theory, Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Computing, and Applied Machine Learning.

Information Technology

This category could include Computer Systems Architecture, Advanced Operating Systems, Next-Generation Software and Web Development Technologies, Social Networking, and Advanced Data Mining Techniques.

Data Science and Applications

This category could include Computational Methods, Data Science in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, and Information Technology in Drug Design in Pharmacy and Medicine.

Advanced Technologies and Applications

This category could include Computer Games, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Information Technology Applications in Education, and Information Technology Applications in Sports.

Student session

We encourage students at all levels to attend the conference and participate in this student session. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from experts in the field, network with professionals, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and technologies. Whether an undergraduate or graduate student, we welcome you to join us at Sinteza 2023 and participate in this exciting event.


Important Dates

Paper submission opens

Click here to submit your paperJan 20th, 2023

Deadline for paper registration

New papers will not be accepted after this dateMay 6th, 2023

Notification of paper acceptance

After this date, all unfinished papers will be rejectedMay 20th, 2023

Conference date

May 27th, 2023
Supported by:  Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development  Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and  Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia  Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia


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