International Scientific Conference
on Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science

Instructions for authors

Papers must be formatted in accordance with the attached instructions (template). They must be at least five pages long and, at most seven pages long, including the title page and references, in the given document template. All papers must be written in English, the official language of the conference.

Microsoft Word Template can be downloaded from the following link:

Microsoft Word Template – Use this for formatting your paper (.docx)

Authors are strongly advised to submit papers that have been carefully proofread and edited before submission.

Below are the links to some of the most frequently used proofreading services:

By registering and submitting an abstract / article electronically, the authors irrevocably agree that, in the case of the official acceptance of the text by the Editorial Board of the Conference, it shall be published in the conference proceedings, publicly available at the official web site of the conference, as well as on other websites for which conference review organisers can increase accessibility and visibility to the local and international scientific community.

Important notice

All papers will be submitted for anti-plagiarism checks that include checks for AI-generated content, such as that generated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. All papers found to contain plagiarism will be outright rejected.