International Scientific Conference
on Information Technology, Computer Science, and Data Science

Sinteza 2020

The International Scientific Conference Sinteza 2020 was held for the seventh time on Saturday, October 17th, 2020. The traditional Synthesis conference is dedicated to the study and application of information technologies. This year, the conference was focused on the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data research and scientific disciplines that solve real-world problems. Due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 Corona-virus, the conference was held virtually (online) for the first time. Microsoft Teams Live Event software was used to manage the conference.

The conference had one plenary session with three introductory speakers: professor Endre Pap, PhD, professor Milan Tuba, PhD and Andreja Stojić, PhD, a research associate at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade. The conference had 6 parallel sessions:

  • Artificial Intelligence ATLAS
  • Environmental Data Science
  • Modern technologies in Language Teaching
  • Software and Information Engineering
  • Advanced Computing
  • Information Technology in Sport and Education

A total of 74 papers were submitted for the conference. After reviews, 49 papers were accepted for publication. These papers are published on the Sinteza conference website. The conference was supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.